Twin Tails Event


Join the PaigeeWorld Community this February 2nd to celebrate Twin Tails day!   Upload your twin tails selfie, or your twin tails drawing!  

Twintails day comes once a year - dont miss out!


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Twin Tails Event

Join the fun this Twin Tails day!   Post your drawing or selfie!   Twin Tails only comes once per year - get ready!

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Post your

Twin Tails Drawing

Twin Tails Photos

Twin Tails Event

Event Tag: When posting your twintails drawing or photo please tag with "TwinTails".   


Create a drawing with your character or characters in Twin Tails (pigtails) and post to PaigeeWorld!

Alternatively - take a picture of yourself or you and your friends wearing Twin Tails!

Event Dates:

February 1st - February  3rd

Twin Tails Day

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Twin Tails Day - Twin Tails Selfie - Twin Tails Photo

Twin Tails Event - Twin Tails drawing

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